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Putování po historických městech Čech, Moravy a Slezska

• Petr Jilemnický
18.3.1901 – 19.5.1949
National artist – writer, born in the building of today’s City Museum, on which he has a commemorative plaque.
(Víťazný pád 1929, Zuniaci krok 1930, Pole neorané 1932, Kus cukru 1934, Kompas v nás 1937, Kronika = Vítr se vrací 1947).
Buried in Slavín, Bratislava.

• František Ladislav Hek
Born 11.4.1769 in Dobruška, died 4.9.1847 in Nový Dvůr in Letohrad, national revivalist
(monument by church belfry from 1924), Hek’s youngest daughter Ludmila was married to the local high court judge V. Štolovský. She organised a reading society here and in time also amateur theatre productions, in which her daughter Aninka also took part.


František Ladislav Hek

• Ignác (Hynek) Umlauf
Born 12.8.1821, died 8.9.1851 in Kyšperk, painter
highly talented painter, whose watercolour Begging Children was presented as a gift to the English Queen Victoria by Emperor Franz I on her visit to Vienna.

Ignác (Hynek) Umlauf

  • Jan Umlauf
    born 21.5.1825, died 9.1.1916 in Kyšperk, painter
    Painted portraits of several prominent burghers in Kyšperk, Ústí nad Orlicí and other towns, mostly devoted his work to ecclesiastical art, his paintings decorating over 100 churches in the surrounding area of Kyšperk, in the Ústí and Lanškroun regions, in Moravia and distant regions of Bohemia, for example 66 paintings at Svatá Hora by Příbram.

Jan Umlauf
Alfons Mucha
1860 – 1939, secession painter
Resided in Kyšperk during the summer holidays of 1934 and 1935, and in the building of the Masaryk vocational school, today’s technical school, painted the picture Song and for the Prague choir Hlahol, as well as Girl’s Lament for the town chronicles, and in 1935 the Conquest of Nymburk by the Hussites (he stayed in Künzel’s villa, no. 474). Alfons Mucha is an honorary citizen of our town, and the characteristic linden tree by the Lukavice court bears his name to this day. Alfons Mucha is also known as the author of the monumental cycle Slovak epopee and the first Czechoslovak postal stamps (Hradčany).

A. Mucha at work in the Masaryk vocational school in Letohrad

  • Karel Vojáček
    1.12.1855 – 30.12.1935
    During the years 1894 - 1911 Vojáček was the district marshal in Žamberk, due to his humanity and patriotism he was held in especially high regard amongst the then district marshals, overseeing an economic upturn and alleviation of poverty, as well as the cultural development of the Žamberk region (70 km of emergency roads, state grants for seed, soup provision in schools, support and promotion of fruit cultivation, lace making, rabbit breeding, herb gathering and other helpful sources of income for the local population). His endeavours led to the establishment of the school gallery – the Vojáček gallery – in Kyšperk in 1904, on the occasion of the ceremonial consecration of the school.

  • Antonín Krčmařík
    Born 6.4.1860 in Bohdaneč, died 24.7.1940 in Hradec Králové hospital.
    School headmaster, town chronicler, chairman of Kolár amateur theatre group, embroidery collective, leading figure in fire brigade and tourist club, also helped establish City Museum, all municipal parks and recesses.

  • Jan Taušl
    Native son, starting out as a poor shoemaker’s apprentice and labourer, later priest and rector of American Czechs in Milwaukee, USA, bequeathed 724 000 Czechoslovak crowns to Kyšperk after World War I for humanitarian purposes. Taušl’s father lived for many years in the street named after his son, in the former isolation hospital on plot no. 271

  • Antonín Buchtel
    died 1882
    Local arch priest and vicar, native of Klášterec nad Orlicí, great music lover. He built up a valuable collection of musical instruments, which forms the Buchtelinum department of the National Museum in Prague. He bequeathed the Poor House no. 212 to the town, which was originally constructed as the first privileged match factory in the Czech kingdom, and where matches were produced earlier than in Sušice.

  • Ignác Dětřich (Hynek Jetřich) Vitanovský of Vlčkovice
    died 10.5.1681 at the age of 37
    Emancipated the Kyšperk region from serfdom and drudgery for the annual fee of 40 gold coins, established the poor hospital, six craft guilds, gained various privileges for the town, in 1680 reconstructed the town fortress into a chateau and constructed the parish church of St. Wenceslas. His portrait by Karel Škréta, preserved in the chateau at Rychnov nad Kněžnou, ranks amongst the most valuable artistic treasures of our country.

  • František Skála
    born  25.4.1882 Kunčice, died 8.1.1957 Letohrad
    Town chronicler, originally by profession a clerk and later trader, in his free time devoted himself to the history of the town and region, in 1929 prepared the historically oriented Sokol monument, in 1941 compiled the souvenir document of 100 years of the amateur theatre in Kyšperk, in 1948 published Kyšperk I. – a historical outline of construction development of the town of Kyšperk.

Kulturní centrum Letohrad

Václavské nám. 77

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