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The museum of crafts in Nový Dvůr in Letohrad was opened on international museums day on 18 May 2000, and since then has occupied three floors of the monument building of the former granary. 
The museum was founded and is run by the local entrepreneur Pavel Tacl. The crafts museum, on a surface area of 720 m², is the largest of its type in the Czech Republic, and its significance is on a European scale. The museum attracts over 20 thousand visitors per year. The exhibition provides a comprehensive view of over 40 crafts, most often from the beginning of the 20th century, in typically equipped workshops.
The first floor presents crafts and workshops, for example a unique, completely equipped ecclesiastic needleworks workshop, which existed in the nearby town of Jablonné nad Orlicí. According to the available information this exhibition of ecclesiastic needleworks is unique within the Czech Republic. The wood-based crafts feature a carter, a cooper, a shinglers, a cabinet maker or artistic wood sculptor. The textile and clothing crafts feature an exhibition of a tailor, tanner and shoemaker. Amongst the more modern crafts are exhibitions of a hat maker or photographer. Construction crafts feature a stove fitter, brick maker and stonemason.

The second floor of the museum begins with a tour of a living room depicting life 100 years ago. In addition to a range of tools and machines used for field husbandry for the purpose of cultivating corn, there is an extensive museum exhibition – milling. The exhibition is compiled from several disused mills and features everything that belonged to a mill – from a waterwheel with a diameter of 6 m to the entire milling technology with installed mill machinery. For clear illustration there is a unique model of a mill from 1905. In addition there is a bakery with a grate oven heated from above. Interesting features include for example an apprenticeship certificate of a baker from 1813. This certificate is of rare value as the second known such certificate in the Czech Republic. Further exhibitions present processing of dairy products with exhibits such as various types of churns, curd presses etc.
The third floor contains predominantly services of benefit to the entire society (fireman, patrolman, railwayman, inn, from later years also the craft of a brushmaker, which was widespread in the region). The leather industry is presented by a saddler, and a school classroom shows the childhood of our ancestors.
Opening hours:

April – October
Daily from 9 am to 5 pm.

November – March
Mon – Fri from 9 am to 4 pm.
Sat – Sun following prior arrangement
Tel.: 465 622 160

Nový Dvůr social centre

Further information about the Crafts Museum is available at:
Kulturní centrum Letohrad

Václavské nám. 77

561 51 Letohrad

IČO: 70964891

tel.: 465 622 092


Jaroslav Moravec
tel.: 465 622 255

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